There are a lot of different aspects to this trade that require flexibility.  Scheduling appointments, selecting proper terms and additions for policies, locating and attending seminars, and finding quality personal time all require adaptability.  Since the client is also under similar circumstances, and will have the added complexity of presenting a different set of wants, needs, and life conditions for each household you are assisting, your approach will require that very same flexible nature.

While it is helpful and important to have a routine approach to your sales, you should consider this only a baseline approach and be prepared to have to deviate.  With the potential for high levels of change from one appointment to the next, you will need to be able to think on your feet.  Being flexible in your approach is a skill that will allow you to handle all of these different situations with ease, while still being able to showcase the benefits and perks of the policy items you are developing.  By far, experience will be one of the best providers of this skill.  Unfortunately that isn’t something that we can start with and only comes with time and effort.

Be FlexibleWhile you work on fostering experience, there are some things that can be done to begin developing this skill.  Certainly knowledge is a powerful ally.  Knowing your products and how you can tailor them is a tremendous asset that will give you the foundations for your agility.  National Agents Alliance provides you with many tools to increase your knowledge of these items, including carrier specific information that you can get by logging into your account at NAALeads.  In the same vein, there are videos and conference calls to reference at NAAtv that provide training material in addition to the weekly Rewind and Did You Know? segments.  Remember to ask questions of your peers, and consider attending some different Hotspots where a lot of opportunities for that sort of interaction are available.  Some events even have representatives from our carriers attending so that you can get even more information.

Roleplaying can earn you some experience without the pressure of having to close a deal or work with people you don’t know.  It may feel a little silly, but having someone assist you by pretending to be a client can be extraordinarily helpful.  Running multiple situations and going through them multiple times will help you get a feel for how to handle things appropriately, while allowing the chance to laugh and learn from any “mistake” you might make before it has the potential to have negative repercussions.  Have a little fun with it, and attempt to take on a ridiculous scenario too.  Enjoying the “work” will make it easier to retain what you are learning!  Be sure to practice multiple times, and not all at once, but over a space of time.  Numerous rehearsals will give you the benefit of repetition and begin to make things second nature, while spacing out your practice sessions will keep you from getting overloaded.

Remember that as you perform your trade more and more, your flexibility skills will develop even further and help you perform at a high level no matter what curves are thrown your way.  In the meantime, consider boosting your knowledge and practicing with a peer to help get the ball rolling.  Don’t forget about NAAUniversity either, it is a great spot to lay the groundwork and gain access to important information to help you on your journey.

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