Battling Brain Drain

One of the greatest assets you have is your mind.  Keeping it involved with activities like reading, or playing games such as Sudoku or Scrabble, and even athletic endeavors like sports or aerobics help to maintain an alert disposition and awareness of what you are doing.  Caffeine can help give a boost in energy, but the thought process can remain slow.  A few simple tricks can help “wake up” your brain before an appointment, allowing you to maintain the focus to answer questions and build an efficient and appropriate policy for your client.

Battling Brain DrainWhile reading is a great knowledge booster, depending on the material, you may actually work against yourself in getting the old brain neurons firing.  Subjects that will encourage daydreaming or fantastical scenarios can boost creativity and originality, but don’t often give that quick thinking and factual resource tapping ability that you will be looking for.  Reading material that inspires critical thinking or problem solving will fire up the thought processes that you want to tap.  Look for material that gets you to solve puzzles, or address how an issue impacts your life, or is motivational with a call to action.  By doing this, you will be energizing the mind and encouraging the thought processes you want to tap later on.

Challenging your mind with a critical thinking game is also an excellent way to get the thought process going.  This doesn’t mean something like Call of Duty on the old Xbox360.  While it may offer a challenge, the kind that you are looking for are the ones that come in a crossword, word puzzle, or number challenge book.  These will encourage critical thinking and problem solving, and while a video game can potentially offer that, it is more similar in nature to reading the novel that encourages daydreaming and fantastical thoughts.  If a more robust visual aid is needed over wrangling numbers and letters, consider a jigsaw or other visual puzzle that encourages finding something or a number of things in a picture, or observing an image for a set amount of time and then finding the differences in a similar one.

While the long term affects of playing these “brain games” is not conclusive in whether it can help things such as memory or fight against something like Alzheimer’s, using them as a method to immediately increase activity in the critical thinking centers of the brain is certain.  Doing so is essentially a warm-up session for your mind that will aid in making you ready to field questions and find answers.  With a good noggin primer under your belt, your mind will be all set to build the proper policy for your client!

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