Thinking Your Way Up or Down?

With the greatest and most powerful computational device known to man at your side (well, in your head actually), there are all kinds of things that you can accomplish.  While your waking mind may be quick, your subconscious operates on a level that is exponentially faster.  The subtle hints that you give to it can have a dramatic influence on a lot of different aspects of your life.  So are you using this resource to your advantage?

The concept of using your subconscious to your advantage is very similar to the positive language you should use in establishing your goals.  Wording your goals positively encourages their achievement, while using that positive language in your everyday life impacts your subconscious mind, urging it to focus in constructive ways.  National Agents Alliance has and uses a lot of motivational material to inspire this type of thought process and help you on your journey, but incorporating that thinking into your everyday life is what will trigger the most power from this asset.

Think Positive!As positives will create an encouraging environment in your mind, negatives will be damaging.  Unlike the waking mind, your subconscious is influenced by things of a more subtle nature.  Try and focus on these little things throughout your day.  Some of the quickest thoughts to a defeatist nature are ones that start with:  “I can’t”, “There’s no point”, “It’s no use”, “I won’t be able to”.  By engaging in these thoughts you are allowing your mind to focus on the negatives of a situation, expand their power and encouraging your negative drain.  Keeping a focus on what you can do, what you will do, and the positive results of those actions will tap the power of your mind and put its subtle powers on your side.

People will sometimes scoff at the power of positive thinking, but putting the processing power of your subconscious to work for you in a constructive manner is an extraordinarily powerful asset.  Remember this the next time you “can’t” do something, and try to turn that negative into a positive instead.  If the negatives have got you down, turn them around with some good reading material from the National Agents Alliance shop, or meet up with some folks at a Hotspot for a good old fashioned pep-talk and information session!

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