Can You Handle No?

NoThere are many agents out there who just cannot handle rejection, and you won’t find their names at the top of the leaderboards.  When you interview agents, you find that some get more “no’s” than others. That’s not surprising to anyone except people new to sales; what’s surprising is that it takes so long for some sales people to get over the rejection.

The inexperienced sales agents let the word “no” put fear in their brain.  It even changes their physiology.  That little 2-letter word! You can actually see people cringe when they get rejected, they start sweating, and when it happens a few times in a row, as it will to most sales people, it puts up a big warning sign in front of the agent.  Now it’s more difficult to make the next sales call!

It doesn’t have to be that way, and if you are going to be successful in sales, it can’t be.  National Agents Alliance knows it’s a learned behavior, and it was learned when you got older.  When you were younger, you were fearless, like the 11 year-old boy trying to kiss the girls.  If rejection stopped him like it does some sale people there would be no kissing going on in the world at all!

As a sophomore in high school, Michael Jordan was told, “no, you’re not good enough to be on the high school team.”  Luckily, for those of us who had the pleasure to watch the greatest basketball player in the history of the game, he was not deterred by the rejection.  The rejection fueled his desire to prove the coach wrong.

The sales pros get more “no’s” than the rookies, mainly because they learned “no” just means “not now.”  The tiny word didn’t scare them, didn’t keep them from making the next call.  What they learned was that every rejection taught them something, made them better and put them one step closer to a successful outcome.  They figured out there is no real success without rejection; it’s just part of the job.  Sales would not be the highest paid profession if was easy and anyone could do it.

Remember, the little word itself has no power; it can’t cut your or break your bones.  Its power comes from your thoughts, and you control your thoughts.  Do you want to get on the leaderboards?  Go out and get more “no’s!”

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