Are You Sure You’re Focused?

FocusAre you able to stay focused all day until you finish all your work?  Or do you allow phone calls, emails, instant messages, drop-in visitors and high expectations to pull you off course?  Time is a precious commodity, and giving in to distractions causes a loss of momentum.  National Agents Alliance knows that momentum can carry you to your most productive days.

Focus is simply a picture you have in your mind of something you want to be, have or do.  Winners are the most focused and losers the least, so hold tight to that picture in your mind of want you want and follow one course of action until you’re successful with National Agents Alliance.

Everything you think or say moves you closer or further from where you want to be.  When you are really focused, your goal acts like a magnet, pulling all your needed resources toward it.  Rivet your attention on the smallest thing that you can do that will produce the biggest result.  As you picture in your mind that smallest detail, blow it up so it looks like Moby Dick in a goldfish bowl; concentrate your efforts on finishing that one task before you move on to another project.

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, it’s important how you use them.  Start your day by identifying a short list of the most important tasks you need to finish today.  Prioritize the list and give the number one item 100 percent of your focus until you can scratch it off the list.  Then give your full attention to the next most important item, and keep marking tasks off your list until you are done with all of them.

Fight against those distractions; you can regain focus after an interruption, but it’s easier to remain focused than regain. Schedule a specific time for emails, phone calls and meetings, and stick to getting your work done first. Full concentration gives you power over your work and you lose that power without focus.  The stronger your focus, the more power you have.  You retain control over your work day, and you will be amazed at how much quicker your day goes by and how much sooner you finish.

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