6 More Positive Ways to Help Your Team at Work

Andy Albright & Jon GordonWhat was that?

Poor communication can ruin even the most talented staff or team. It can cause mistakes to happen and it can mean missing opportunities. When you have to spend time get clarification, productivity suffers. Keep people in the know. If you know a client checks email often but doesn’t take calls, then email them. Doing little things like that will help set your team up for success. Give clients what they want and deserve. Be clear about directions and expectations.

Stay organized with National Agents Alliance

If you are not organized your productivity will suffer with National Agents Alliance. Accidents can happen, but not being able to find documents, information, etc. should not be the cause for setbacks. If a meeting is slowed because of this, energy is sucked almost immediately and the excitement level dwindles. If you don’t have what you need, don’t just rush to ask others for help. Try to find it on your own first. Formulate a system that will help you know where to go next if you need help. If you have an organizational whiz then ask that person to help you be more like them in that regard.

Don’t pass the buck on somebody else

It’s understood that you have a lot to do. You want to complete tasks and try to clear your desk. Don’t rush to move a project from your desk to another if you haven’t done all you should have first. Rushing means you might have typos, mistakes, etc. and that’s not fair to the person who gets the task next. Focus and take the time to do your best work. Pay attention to details, double-check your work and make sure you followed the guidelines with National Agents Alliance.

Deadline dodgers beware!

Missing deadlines throws everything off. It creates new obstacles for not only you but the whole team. Not meeting a goal on time should be the exception not the rule. Missing deadlines badly should be a sign that people aren’t giving their best or they don’t care about what they are doing. Maybe they are overloaded, but this still means the team’s productivity suffers. Set reasonable goals, have clear deadlines and hold all people accountable. Don’t set people up for failure.

Look forward, but remember NOW too!

Looking ahead is OK, but you still have to remember what you are doing that minute, hour, day, and week too. Tunnel vision can be good and bad. If employees get discouraged because you are asking about only unfinished goals and projects, then morale will be lower. Try to remember something positive and verbally let your team know they did a good job on that. Then, you can shift to something that needs to be done so you can talk positively about how well the team did that task too. You don’t have to high five a person every day, but it’s nice to acknowledge those that did something well.

Don’t point fingers

Why do people pass blame toward others when they were part of the problem too? Pointing fingers is one of the worst things a person can do. Claim your share of the blame and work to fix the problem. Keep things constructive or people will start to shut down on you. Be humble, but be confident too. Be open to suggestions and criticism. No person wants to be at fault, but owning your mistakes will make you better in the long run. Learn from previous experiences and help make the team at National Agents Alliance the best it can be.

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