5 Positive Ways to Help Your Team at Work

Andy Albright & Jon GordonAuthor Jon Gordon writes in his book, Soup, “While work is a convenient scapegoat, the real culprit is often the negativity of the people you work with – their constant complaining, and the pessimistic culture that is the norm in a lot of workplaces.”

The fact is your exhaustion might not be due to your tasks or long hours behind a desk. It might actually be the action of your co-workers, teammates and colleagues that drain you and your enthusiasm.

Gordon talks about “drainers” in the workplace. It’s the people who suck the energy and liveliness right out of you! Let’s talk about several ways to change that around for the better.

Avoiding “energy vampires”

Gordon calls people who are never happy, non-supportive and less than enthusiastic about work energy vampires. How do we handle these people? Be positive; respond constructively when an idea is pitched. Even if suggestions are off the mark, hear them out first. Let others know when they brings ideas they will be received with respect. Insist others do the same. Limit negativity and reward creativity and initiative. Encouragement will keep positivity going!

Avoid the complain game!

People who complain rub off on others. Before you know it, the whole office is griping about something and it snowballs from there. Don’t let this happen to you or your team. When people complain, nothing is getting done. Find solutions fast. If dialogue is heading in a negative direction, ask the complainer what can be done to fix or solve the problem. Create problem-solvers!

Voicemail and e-mail can last forever, be careful!

Voicemail and e-mail can come across the wrong way. It can also leave a lasting scar. Try to talk in person when possible. If there is a conflict it is best to talk it out instead of going back and forth. By doing this, you can make sure your tone and intentions are clear. You can immediately take a constructive stance. You can find ways to improve the situation more effectively in person. You can also end the chat on a positive note.

Don’t confuse activity with progress.

There is no doubt you know people at work that seem busy but never meet deadlines or accomplish much. When projects are doled out, people hope this person is not on their team. Help set goals and hold yourself to them to get results with National Agents Alliance. Goals should be things that matter and are visible for the team. Make sure goals are CRYSTAL clear and they will be easier to accomplish.

Set the bar higher

Low performers tell the rest of the team it’s OK to underachieve. They bring the team down. They let others pick up the slack and make life harder on others. If this continues, your best employees are going to look for work elsewhere eventually. Find ways to hold people accountable for meeting goals Set your standard high and perform at a higher level so that others want to do the same. If one person misses the mark, take action with them. Let others see how important you value hard work and don’t let others do less and get away with it.

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