Thermometer or Thermostat?

ThermostatMost of the very successful people in all walks of life state, unequivocally, that the secret to their success is in their attitude.  Every day they start with a positive outlook, one where they are determined to accomplish, not only what’s expected, but much, much more.  There have no doubt; they just know. It was decided long, long ago, so it is expected.  They act with certainty, and without fear.  They have a certain air about them that others can see and wish they had; they exude a confidence not found in the average and ordinary worker.

These are the rare leaders who are like a thermostat, setting the temperature, or standard to be achieved.  While the masses just seem to be like a thermometer, measuring what is, never being the driving force, but just the “worker-bee” in an endless string of monotonous days, barely an existence.  On the other end of the spectrum, the winner, the thermostat, is the catalyst behind industry’s greatest achievements.

Why do some people have this special air about them, while others seem to be followed by a dark cloud?  What are your thoughts and attitude when you wake up?  The leaders  with National Agents Alliance wake up every day with an optimistic outlook, anxious to tackle the day.  They “decide” ahead of time that the day will be a success, never considering failure.  This attitude supplies an endless energy that turns into an undefeatable determination to finish every task, and enjoy the journey.

This really isn’t magic; everyone has the exact same opportunity when the alarm goes off.  You have a choice:  you can be happy or sad.  It’s pretty easy to see what each person you work with decided that day…just check their attitude.

If you see that you’re like the thermometer, and you what to change, you decide.  It starts in your mind with a thought, and thoughts become things.  You make up your mind to be positive, cheerful, determined and resourceful, not letting any misstep or obstacle stop you from reaching your objective or goal with National Agents Alliance.  If you catch yourself with a negative thought, change it immediately. Watch your thoughts carefully for 21 days and you can change your outlook on life 180 degrees; you just created a habit of positivity and the little things that used to bother you now just make you laugh.  You fix every problem without batting an eye, because your focus is no longer on the obstacle but on the objective.

When you look back on the day’s accomplishments, you won’t even remember the little bumps in the road; you moved over them like they weren’t even there.  Your improved attitude makes you a thermostat!

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