Just Say No

National Agents Alliance believes that to be the most productive you can possibly be, you will have to develop the ability to say “no.”

Nuh uhThis little word is one of the most powerful in our vocabulary, and we can use it to set limits and hold firm on boundaries we mark.  Is it important to have a very short “yes” list and a very long “no” list.  If you prioritize your yes list and hold firm on your no list you will surely become more productive.

There are a lot of unimportant tasks that will slow down your progress toward your main goals, and a lot of people who demand your time and attention.  Many meetings are a waste of time and can be delegated, and more time can be saved by managing your internet time. By removing yourself from email lists, blogs, etc. that consume precious time you will get more done in less time, and the same goes for your favorite websites.  Be firm with yourself…no surfing the web!  Learn to say no!

Another great use of the word “no” has to do with your spending habits.  It’s easy to fritter away money in such little increments that you barely notice, but little by little those small increments add up to a significant total before you even know it.  Most agents never consider how the “latte factor” keeps them from investing a couple hundred dollars a month in their business because they don’t think the $5.00 for coffee at Starbucks is a big deal.  Add it up; you could really use that $2,000 to $3,000 a year spent on coffee and other seemingly insignificant purchases!  And then take a look at what you spend on food when you eat out instead of cooking at home, and packing a lunch.  By avoiding fast food places, you’ll not only save money, you will put the type of food in your body that will provide greater energy and will help you avoid the late afternoon blahs.

One of the most difficult times to say no happens as soon as you get home from running appointments.  Most people plop down on the couch and reach for the remote, while never calculating the massive amount of time spent there, taking in irrelevant and negative information.  Since our thoughts are so important, saying “no” to TV will create countless extra hours that can turn into huge performance gains, and instead, allow time for flooding your mind with thoughts of optimism and abundance rarely heard from the TV.

National Agents Alliance encourages your personal and business growth, and this ability is an important time management concept.  So consider the word “no” a tool of improvement.  Use it as a veto for any thought or activity that does not serve you.  If a thought or activity does not advance you forward toward your major objectives, just say NO!

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