***UPDATED 11/21/2014***

Although we no longer have a partnership with ExamFX, we do have partnerships with several other organizations that can help you study for your insurance license.

We currently work with License Coach, TesTeachers, PreLicense.com, PMReview and A.D. Banker & Company. You can learn more about these companies and how to get started at http://naauniversity.com/get-licensed/.

Once you’ve gotten your license, you can start learning more about NAA, how to make a sale, how to manage your business and details about our products on www.naauniversity.com. We can’t wait to help you get started with The Alliance!


One of the important partners on whom National Agents Alliance relies in building a huge sales force is ExamFX.  ExamFX employs 45 people just on the insurance side of their business.  They employ over 700 more in Sports Medicine and Nursing training programs in five locations around the country.  The company, which started in a farm house, is now headquartered in a four-story office building in Overland Park, Kansas.

In their sixth year working with NAA, ExamFX profited from the explosive growth in the number agents during 2006-2007, and according to representative Craig Hart, they are starting to see an up-tick in enrollments in the last three or four months. The down economy was hurting enrollments for a while, and in the 3rd quarter of last year they were able to reduce the cost of their training program and intend to keep the price there for the foreseeable future.

Hart said, “I can’t believe the size of NAA and this amazing convention program.  My first NAA convention was in Dallas with 400 agents in attendance and the size of the company was 800 agents. We love this atmosphere, and we love working with NAA.  You guys really drove the growth of our company in 2006 and we see it coming again.”

That is the main reason ExamFX has participated with National Agents Alliance in an incentive program that treated leading enrollers to a trip to the Kansas Speedway for a NASCAR race, and has another incentive scheduled for this spring in Las Vegas.  Hart said, “Everybody loves to go to Vegas!”

All in all, it’s a great partnership!  NAA recruits new agents; ExamFX helps the new agent get licensed quickly and economically.

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