The Latest From ING

The news from ING representative Marty Manning tells about a strong and growing relationship with National Agents Alliance.  Marty and Andy Albright have known each other since around 2004, and Marty loves the positive approach Andy brings to the business.

Marty plans to be on stage a couple times during the convention and is looking forward to presenting incentive awards to those agents winning the trip to Punta Cana.  “We are extremely excited to be here at the convention, with all this high energy.  We can’t wait to present the awards to the deserving agents, and we are going to announce our participation in the next incentive trip to Aruba.”

Marty also revealed that ING will be introducing a competitive Final Expense product that he says, “the agents will love.  It’s going to be easy to sell.”

While ING has, for most of its existence, been a company working at the higher end of the market, it has been working closely with National Agents Alliance for some time now developing a Mortgage Protection product aimed directly at the “middle” market.  “In fact,” says Marty, “our mortgage product is one of five that NAA uses, and our 30-year product is far and away the most competitive.”

Marty explained that many of the biggest insurers aren’t interested in this market; they only want the big, big cases…with premiums in the range of $2,000 to $20,000 annually versus the $800 to $1,000 annually for mortgage protection. Stating that 80% of the middle market is underinsured, with half of that group having no insurance at all, Marty explains, “Going after this market takes manpower and NAA has a great operation with its lead distribution system.  NAA does all the leg-work by its direct mail and the army of agents serve the millions and millions in middle America that need to be educated about what insurance products can do for their family.  We are happy to be part of their mission to serve the people.”

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