Baltimore Life Joins NAA

On hand at a National Agents Alliance convention for the first time, Baltimore Life rep Mark Brandt described his company’s excitement saying, “I’ve already been hearing the music and the sub-woofers blaring.  This is going to be some event!”

NAA’s newest carrier is offering four products for our agents:

  • Silver Guard, a Final Expense product
  • Home Secure, a mortgage protection product
  • A Single-Premium Whole Life product
  • Generation Legacy

The last two products complement each other, and can use non-qualified funds or cash, money market funds, etc.

All of the products are simplified issue, which serve clients and agents well.  According to Brandt, Baltimore Life’s signature distinction, however, is in its application process known as In-Speed.  Perfected over the last ten years, In-Speed allows agents to enter an application over the telephone.  The Final Expense application can be completed in thirteen minutes and the mortgage protection product can be done in twenty-five minutes.  No wet signature is required and agents will have no paperwork to turn in, which means no chance for missing information.

Another benefit from Baltimore Life for agents lies in the call centers available for questions, including speaking directly from a client’s home to underwriters for advice on what would be best for the client.

Brandt described a great relationship with National Agents Alliance management, and predicts a long and profitable partnership.  He sees agents loving the products and systems in place to support their efforts, and is excited to report contracting agents moving rapidly allowing agents to start writing Baltimore Life products real soon.

Between visiting with various agents stopping by the Baltimore Life’s booth, Brandt added, “We are so happy to be joining the NAA team, and we can’t wait to certify as many winners as possible for the incentive trip to Aruba next year!”

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