Fidelity and Guaranty, One of the Originals

One of the first insurance carriers contracted by National Agents Alliance in 2002 was F&G, and today they still provide some of the best products for agents to offer in the marketplace.  The reason they’re still here, according to Dennis Sundac of F&G is, “because a relationship is a two-way street, and both NAA and F&G have great management teams, we were able to work together for what was best for both sides AND the client.”  Sundac went on, “I consider NAA one of the great success stories in the industry; they do great things for the people and the agents, and continue to grow and grow.  They are a force.  Together, we provide money when it’s needed most.  We sell a promise.  It’s not like selling a car that you can sit in and drive.  It’s not like selling a TV that you can watch.  We sell an idea; a promise.  The words on the paper are a promise to pay and to pay when it’s needed most.”

Sundac went on to explain why agents like F&G so much…their favorite product, Index Universal Life.  “It’s Tax-Free Retirement.  Instead of just selling mortgage protection, which has become more difficult because of new regulations, we help people plan for retirement.  NAA does a really good job with mortgage protection insurance by selling the highest face value for the least amount of premium, we come in and teach the agent how to go in and sell IUL.  The client has the protection they need, now we sell the least death benefit with the most premium to build the nest egg, and set up a tax-free retirement.  The products go great together.”

Further, according to Sundec, “the agents love the product for its simplicity.  Both client and agent can understand it, and without giving the client too many choices, they can actually make an informed decision.  Too many choices leads to confusion.  There is only one index, the S&P 500.  We have simply to understand guarantees and caps.  It’s win-win-win for agent, client and company.”

Sudac has loved the decade of conventions with National Agents Alliance, and is proud to be a sponsor of the incentive trip to Punta Cana this year and Aruba in 2013.

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