Presidential Life

For the last 7 years Mitch Anderson has represented Presidential Life at National Agents Alliance conventions and sees no reason to stop attending.  Anderson declared, “From the very start, we’ve worked well together.  I remember Andy Albright telling me, ‘We’re going to sell a lot of your insurance.’  Guess what?  Within a year or so, NAA became the No. 1 distributor of Guaranteed Life Insurance for Presidential Life.  And every year since, you have been Number 1, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.”

High praise, indeed!  Asked why agents sell so much Presidential, Anderson said, “Because our product is so simple.  When others say no, we say yes.  For people ages 39 and a half up to 80, we can provide a maximum face value of $50,000.  If you’re not in a hospital, nursing home, adult day care center or jail, we can get you covered.  We have heard NAA agents describe heart-warming scenarios where they hear from the client that they couldn’t get coverage anywhere until we came along.  And it comes at a crucial time in the life of that client.  When a few years later, an agent delivers a check to a family, and you realize just why you are in this business.”

Presidential is one of the last of the New York Life Insurance companies and is governed by the strict New York laws.  Presidential has just completed a purchase, which will close on Jan. 27th, of a non-New York company that will be re-named Presidential Life USA.  The new company will operate in 49 states, but not New York, and will allow Presidential to operate under the same laws as other companies not licensed in New York.  Presidential will be able to offer more products for National Agents Alliance representatives, and the first will be a very competitive Index UL.

Unencumbered by New York laws, Presidential plans to become an even bigger player with NAA in the future, and plans to take part in new incentives for our agents.

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