Career Builder & NAA

The 2012 National Convention proved to be a great opportunity for Career Builder to share some face-to-face time, renewing friendship with veteran agents and introducing the National Agents Alliance-Career Builder partnership to newer agents.

Visiting from Career Builder’s Los Angeles office, Martin Farrell explained how this partnership works and how agents can get involved:  “We provide NAA agents access to candidates on our network and these are candidates actively searching for their next opportunity.  We facilitate both parties in finding a match, and it’s a win-win-win for all of us.”

Agents can search the Career Builder database to find those next key people who might become part of their growing agency.  Farrell expanded on how valuable this relationship is for our agents:  “All an agent has to do is contact me for help in placing ads with a focus on finding qualified applicants who will then contact the NAA agent.  Or, they can work with Hunter Tickle on using our resume search method.  Many agents use both methods.”

Posting an ad with Career Builder is just like placing an ad in a local newspaper except that the Career Builder ad can be seen nationally, while the resume function provides the agent with the contact information of qualified job-seekers.

The NAA agent can ask for resumes based on the key words they choose, like “sales experience,” “licensed agent,” or “college graduate,” etc.  By targeting such specific experience, an agent will be provided a large number of potential business partners, and can choose those in the geographic location desired.  Agents receive training from Career Builder on the resume function and can choose to receive 50, 100, 150, 300 or even 600 resumes per day from all across the country, providing a very large list of prospects who are expecting to hear from potential employers. This service has proven to be invaluable for National Agents Alliance.

Career Builder is headquartered in Chicago and has fourteen additional offices around the USA, including Boston, New York, San Francisco, L.A., and Miami.  In addition, Career Builder has already expanded its reach to Canada, India and China.

By partnering with Career Builder, an agent can have a steady stream of people to call for a reasonable expense.

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