Get Your Head in the Game

As we’ve previously touched on, National Agents Alliance believes in the power of setting goals, both in a business and personal setting.  So let’s look at a little more specific example and application:  At some point in your life, you, or someone you know, have probably tried to lose weight. There would be a grand plan to shed those pounds, but temptation would get the upper hand, and a dessert would be stolen here and there as time went along.

While we are aware that it is cheating the diet and ourselves, we give in and do it anyway. This blows the diet off course and the end result is that the weight isn’t lost. Justifications are easy to come by, “Just this time it’s OK” and related excuses quickly spring to mind.  Then, that easily turns into once a day, and proceeds to fries and burgers and other diet killers. This is a classic case of letting one’s head hurt their body!

The long and short of it is this: To lose weight, you really need to have your mind right first. When you get your head straight, you can focus on the work and the diet.

Selling insurance is no different in that regard. If you have your mind right, you are going to have more success than the guy who isn’t ready to do it!

There is a roadmap to success with sales. You learn it from people above you or from teammates. You learn it from reading and watching others. You hear it on conference calls and webinars. You learn it from dialing, talking and meeting with people too.

Where do we encounter problems when we are selling? We don’t up sell, we don’t make enough calls and we don’t follow the script. We focus on the wrong aspects of the product we offer. We convince ourselves our clients don’t want to hear what we have to say or just won’t like the cost involved.

In doing this, we basically void any sales we could make if our mind was right. We become our own worst enemy instead of being our best supporter and fan. We move back two steps instead of jumping forward three steps.

What you have to decide before selling …

Will you greet the next prospect or client with a sincere gusto or with a look of dread?

Will you be able to sell a policy when you think the people don’t want it?

Will you learn the script until you know it without even blinking when asked?

Will you work past 5 p.m. if that is what it takes? Will you meet people at night?

Will you make the extra effort instead of taking the easy way out?

Will you not judge your client or prospect based on appearance?

Will you keep learning, get better and get energized or will you just not bother to try?

Remember, sales really are in your head first! Whatever is in there determines how successful you can be!  Don’t forget to utilize all of the resources that National Agents Alliance provides for you in order to help with this.  From live and recorded information on NAAtv to the CDs and books available in the store, we’ve got whatever media form that you prefer.  Or if in person is more your speed, don’t forget to check out HotSpots for meetings and training opportunities from our top folks!

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