Focus on the Challenge

Focus on the ChallengeA question that is often asked by agents is how to stay focused day after day, and still keep the right mindset, especially when results seem to wane. Every agent goes through the ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like the downs out-number the ups.  But when you step back and look at the big picture, we know that’s not true.

There have been many different suggestions from top producers who have gone through just about everything.

Probably the best advice comes from one of National Agents Alliance’s top three income earners:  Embrace the challenge.

Yes, by embracing the challenge you reverse the attitude.  By staying optimistic, always positive, you reinforce your belief that your best days are still ahead of you.

It would be very difficult to be optimistic if you thought your best days were behind you. If that were true, what could possible excite you to get out of bed in the morning and make calls or go on appointments?

But, with an optimistic outlook, you can create the expectation of even greater things in the years ahead, always giving yourself new challenges – challenges that force you to grow.  And like an athlete, sometimes your physical skills will decline with age. But you counteract that with wisdom, experience and savvy.  It’s no different for an National Agents Alliance agent.

All the top producers with National Agents Alliance have accomplished some amazing things in their career, but every one of them truly believes that’s nothing compared to what’s ahead.  You, too, have had successes and can have far greater successes in the future.  When a policy doesn’t make it through underwriting, look at it as a challenge; if a policy is canceled by a client, look at it as a challenge; if you go to a client’s home and no one is home, look at it as a challenge.  Top income earners have faced the same things but they embraced them as a challenge, stayed optimistic, looked for better things to come.

You too should embrace the challenge!

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