Developing Your Style

Developing Your StyleAre you aggressive enough in your sales approach?  Some of National Agents Alliance’s top sales producers use a very bold approach and month after month post huge numbers in sales of life insurance and annuities.  There is no way that they could succeed being a timid, wall-flower.

On the other end of the spectrum, other top producers employ a softer technique, you might say, “kinder and gentler.”  For them, this method works, and there is no way they could operate using the bold, aggressive approach.

Since both styles, at opposite ends of the scale, work for certain people, and all sorts of techniques in between do too, it begs the question: “Where are you and have you determined the best method for you?”

Admittedly, not everyone has the personality to use the in-your-face, aggressive style, but those who have mastered the technique claim it saves time.  No beating around the bush, get to the point, tell it like it is.

National Agents Alliance’s client-prospects need what you have, no doubt.  They have agreed to the appointment because they realize they need the protection for their family, but many of them still need convincing.  By being very direct, the client is shaken by the reality of the situation: “I should do this for my family.  I have to figure out how to make it work.”

Here is the story of how one salesman motivated the customer into action.  In 1953, Paul J. Meyer, at the age of 24, was the number one life insurance salesman in the United States.  That year, he earned $820,000 and he did it by using an aggressive style.

Meyer’s words evoked emotion in the client and targeted the spouse, too.  He didn’t spend time saying, “In the event this happens, or that happens your family would be left without their main income…blah, blah,blah.”  He would just boldly say, “You need this coverage.  You are going to be graveyard dead, six feet under with grass growing above and a stone on your head.”  Then, looking at the spouse, he would say, “Did you hear what I just said?  And you have no idea when that’s going to happen.”

It worked for him!  How about you?  Have you thought about your approach and how you might try different styles until you’re sure it’s right for you?  Learn from the masters and work to develop your own style and watch your production soar with National Agents Alliance!

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