Building a List

You learn quickly that you can earn a great income doing everything yourself, but you’re limited to how many hours you can work.  The way to overcome this is to use some leverage and build your own agency.  The first step in building your National Agents Alliance business is to create a list.

Most folks will know at least 200 people, which is a great starting point to develop a huge list.  Start with your cell phone contacts, then go to your Facebook friends, and watch your list grow and grow.

listWhen you hire a new agent, in addition to gaining a new business partner, you also got another list of at least 200 new prospects!  Sort the list and help the new agent contact his/her top picks.  Remember not to pre-judge anyone; it’s hard to know who will be interested or which person could end up being a super-star in National Agents Alliance.  These “stars” come from all walks of life and we can’t tell from appearances what they have on the inside in terms of work ethic and desire.

Inevitably, you will hire someone who appears to be a great partner but later discover that, for whatever reason, they just aren’t the right fit.  Even so, there are still 200 other prospects from their list of names that could be potential superstars in your team!  That list might give you the one with the qualities that successful people share.

Here are some suggestions for adding to your list:

  • Ask everyone you meet for a business card.  They might not be your next business partner but they know 200 people.
  • Attend meetings of the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, etc.  All those businessmen know 200 people.
  • Be a great listener.  Ask open-ended questions, not questions that can be answered with a yes or a no.  Listen for phrases like “I want,” “I need,” “I wish I could…”
  • Don’t rush into telling someone everything about your business in 30 seconds as if you’re spraying them with a fire hose.  Focus on building a relationship first; later you can introduce your business to them.
  • Don’t rule out anyone because you “think” they’ll say no — you can’t make their decision for them.
  • When you get a negative response, ask for a referral.  Remember, they know 200 people!

To build a huge National Agents Alliance business, start with your list, then use other people’s lists, and finally keep adding to your list and you’ll have an endless supply of prospects.

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