Confident PostureHave you ever wondered why some agents with National Agents Alliance are so successful on the phone while others act like the phone weighs 30 pounds and dread their calling sessions?

It is vitally important during your phone calls to prospects that you display an air of confidence and speak enthusiastically without sounding out of control. There is an important distinction between projecting a confident, authentic, and enthusiastic demeanor and an over-exaggerated, slick and hype-filled pitch that will turn off most prospects.  The person at the other end of that call can “feel” the difference.

Many of the top agents in National Agents Alliance naturally possess the authentic, believable, and confident posture that makes prospects sit up and take notice.  For most agents, though, learning that skill takes a lot of practice, but there is no doubt that anyone can learn to have a strong “posture.”  The beginning agent needs to listen to and watch the more experienced agent do calls and notice his body language.  Smiling, sitting up straight in your chair, standing or even walking around the office actually comes across positively to the prospect who can’t even see the speaker.

Even though we get to work from home, it is a good idea to dress as though you are in the corporate office rather than be sloppy and sit with your feet up on the desk.  Again, the prospect can feel the lack of “posture.”  Your office environment needs to be neat and professional…no TV or radio on, no dogs barking or kids screaming.  Any audible distractions will come across as unprofessional.

Having a confident posture requires a total belief in yourself and a total belief in your business opportunity.  The business part should be easy…you know that National Agents Alliance is the leader in the industry.  Belief in yourself comes from hard work and diligent practice.  Before beginning your calling session, sit quietly and visualize a successful session.

In time, you will have no fear of the phone and a strong, confident posture will come across loud and clear!

3 responses to “Posture

  • Kevin & Sharon Wolfgang

    Great lesson for all of us to learn. If we are genuinely excited about our opportunity and genuinely care about the prospect the same way we care about how we protect our cases we will find great team members! Posture starts with focus and purpose. Eliminate the clutter, ho simple is that? This is great teaching that helps us “sharpen the saw” and gets us laser focused. Thanks Andy for reminding us to be confident and humble and servant leaders.

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