What’s in Your Wallet?

What's in Your WalletAmong the main things that we offer our clients everyday are financial security and peace of mind. But let me ask you…do you have that for yourself?

Agents join National Agents Alliance for a variety of reasons, but one common denominator is for the incredible income we are able to provide for ourselves and our family. But income and financial security are not one and the same thing. What does that mean? That means that someone earning $50,000 can be financially secure, while another person earning $250,000 can be absolutely broke. We all know someone who fits both of those profiles.

There are two simple and powerful practices that are the foundation of all financial security. You can read every financial expert and they will teach you these principles. The first principle is to pay yourself first. This is not negotiable and will make or break your financial future. Ten percent of every penny that walks in your door should be put away in a safe place, and allowed to accumulate. Some of you will say, I can’t live on what I’m making now…the creditors are calling…I’m behind on everything. Until you embrace this practice, you will remain behind on everything. Yes it’s difficult to save in this situation, but the blunt truth is that your creditors will still be calling, you will still be behind for a short period of time, but you will be creating a reserve for yourself that will attract more financial success faster than anything else. (Read “Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason).

The second and equally essential step to achieving financial security is to give 10% of your income away. Giving away money to a deserving cause (consider NAA’s project, Goad Ministries) sends a powerful signal that you have plenty and that you know that plenty more is coming. This ability to be a conduit for money and wealth is a hallmark of all successful people. Look at our own Andy Albright, he is the biggest giver in all of National Agents Alliance. Paul J Meyer, one of the great success stories in the life insurance industry, was able to give away $440,000,000 in his lifetime.

In order to be a successful agent you have to have the financial security and peace of mind that we talked about. If you’re in a client’s home and worrying about a creditor calling or an unpaid bill, you will not get the result you seek. Pick an expert, whether it’s David Bach, Suze Orman, or countless others and follow the plan. Your wallet will be glad you did.

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