Math Matters

Recently there was an article published that discussed the poor performance by American students in mathematics compared to students in other countries.

Only 32 percent of students in the USA tested at the “proficient” level while in Shanghai the number is 75 percent.  When it comes to advanced levels of math proficiency the scores are USA with 7 percent and 45 percent of students from Shanghai scoring at the advanced level.

Why is this important?  Mathematical ability helps provide the disciplined structure that helps people to think, speak and write more clearly, all of which are attributes that top agents at National Agents Alliance possess.

Since our agents’ success depends on their ability to communicate clearly and professionally with a variety of people, the training which comes from mathematics can dramatically improve the performance that leads directly to increased commissions.  An analytical mind is a tremendous asset when an agent is sitting in the home discussing the many options available to a client in terms of insurance protection and retirement planning.  The ability to “think on your feet” comes in handy when you are presented with a scenario you hadn’t planned on.

Our agents obviously work with numbers when analyzing face amounts, premiums, return of premium options, monthly vs quarterly payments, return on investment, and on and on.  Understanding all of the options and being able to explain them to the client is crucial.

To agents, numbers are also important in another way:  tracking activity and results is a primary duty for every agent, and the most successful agents at National Agents Alliance are diligent in the very simple but import task.

CEO Andy Albright explains the skill best whenever he lectures on the use of the NAActivity Book that was designed explicitly for field agents to track their number of dials, contacts, appointments set, and the resulting sales from those appointments.  Understanding the connection between those categories is the key to improvement, the key to success.

You have heard that the “cream rises to the top.” This is certainly true at National Agents Alliance and the leaders will attest that use of the NAActivity Book separates the “cream” and proves that “Math Matters!”

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