Keep the Family Happy

When you work from home it’s easy to get pulled in different directions by family and friends.  Those folks often think that since you are at home you are not working.  They don’t even consider their intrusion to be an interruption in your important work schedule. The top producers at National Agents Alliance have learned to balance work and play to keep production levels high and family members happy.

One of the most effective tools the agents use is an Annual Activity Calendar.  At the beginning of the year the agent fills in every day off for the whole year.  All the days they will NOT work are marked off…weekends, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, conventions, training sessions, family reunions, recreation – any day they plan to be away from the office.

Once you have established your “off” days you will be able to plan your work day schedule.  Agents are very good at carefully planning their work schedule…phone calls, appointments, paperwork and preparation.  Eliminating time wasters like emails, surfing the web and shuffling papers around the office, National Agents Alliance leaders make every day count, and then they have no problem enjoying all the days of free time they scheduled at the start of the year.  The only addition step in this process is to teach the family to work around the production days as scheduled on the Annual Activity Calendar.

When agents follow CEO Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success and get family members to honor the work/play calendar, everyone is happy!

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