Avoid the Struggles

Avoid the StrugglesWhy do some agents struggle while others at National Agents Alliance are living their dreams?

You may be surprised to learn that the NAA “Super Stars” are no different from you. They have the same state license.  They took the same course to get that license.  They attend the exact same bootcamps, rotation meetings, and the same national events.  They passed the same training course through NAA University. They have the exact same products from the exact same insurance carriers.

Every man and woman comes to National Agents Alliance with the same hopes and dreams.  Every one of them comes in knowing the amazing potential of the opportunity this industry and this great company offer.  And, every single agent begins with the intention of making a big splash; a splash that puts them on stage receiving the accolades of 4,000 peers, being handed big bonus checks, accepting from the carriers well-earned incentive trips to exotic places around the world, but in reality, not everyone succeeds to the level of their initial expectations.

So, the question was “why to some agents struggle while…”  The answer is actually pretty simple.  With the same training, the same products, the same everything…some just are not doing it right or they are not doing it enough.

Both reasons are easily fixed.  Working with a mentor at National Agents Alliance can correct “not doing it right.”  Having one of the leaders critique your work can help you improve your prospecting and sales skills.  Following the advice of CEO Andy Albright, “trust only action,” can solve the second problem.  Talk is cheap.  Action pays the bills.  Make more calls, set more appointments, and do more presentations.

Do it right, and do it enough and, before you know it, you’ll be with the team on the beach in some beautiful spot in the world!

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