Follow Up to Build Up

Follow UpAt National Agents Alliance, everyone soon learns that leveraging yourself is a key to building a large, enduring business.  The insurance carriers pay us large commissions to protect families with a variety of products, but it doesn’t take long to figure out that there are only so many hours in the work day, and one person can only do so much.  It becomes obvious that building a team is the key to the lifestyle we all want.

One of the 8 Steps to Success in CEO Andy Albright’s important book is to “Be Teachable.”  One of the most critical skills agents must learn is effective follow-up.

Mastering this skill is the difference between just being in the game and making an impressive income.  We all know that to build a team we have to make a list, contact and invite prospects, and show the opportunity.  But to really speed up the business-building process the agent must learn to effectively follow-up, start new agents properly, and develop leaders.

But, without an effective follow-up you don’t get a chance to start and develop leaders.  The manner in which you perform your follow-up will actually become the model for the new agent, and is extremely important in how well you duplicate your efforts.  Whether you do it well or terribly, you have just taught the new agent how to do it.  If you do it well, chances are that they will too.

To build a large, effective and profitable business with National Agents Alliance it is essential to learn proper follow-up.  Learn this skill from the top producers and you will join them on the leader boards.

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