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Recruiting Young Agents

Recruiting Young AgentsAt National Agents Alliance we recruit a lot of different age groups and we find successful people in all the different age levels.  However, there is a terrific target group that should not be overlooked.  I am talking about a group named Millennials, also known as Gen Y-ers (80 million, born between 1980 and 1995).  They were raised by overly doting parents who coddled their self-esteem like fragile eggs. They played in soccer leagues where the score wasn’t kept and where everyone was a winner and everyone got a trophy for just showing up.

Some companies have found this group to be lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated, over-entitled, with a short attention span.  However, when vetted properly, this group, ages 18 to 32, is found to be highly educated, caring and engaged in today’s high tech world – all qualities we love in our agents.

Having seen the talent, passion and capabilities of the millennials up-close, it is clear that they pose one of the greatest strategic opportunities for our company today… all we need to do is properly select and train them.

The millennials are the largest generation to hit the workforce since the baby boomers. They are taking over whether you like it or not, and we need to hire the best of the bunch.  They fit right into the motto espoused by CEO, Andy Albright which states that we like to “Have fun, make money and make a difference.”

Millennials like to be part of a team and be active members of a community, yet they still want to be valued as an individual. They probably have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, and are comfortable with an iPhone and iPad.  They exhibit the individuality and leadership traits essential for success as an NAA agent.  They are not afraid to tackle the impossible; they think really big and like to get involved in “causes,” and love the way we help protect families with our products.

This group is so far ahead in the area of technology it embarrasses older agents, and they excel when presenting our products to our target market.  To grow a big, vibrant and growing organization in National Agents Alliance, it makes a lot of sense to specifically recruit this age group.  They will train quickly, get in the field fast, and make you look like a genius!

Decisions, Decisions

The Choice is YoursWe often see relatively new agents with National Agents Alliance who join the business with big goals and dreams but take a while to really start realizing the results they expected.  They want big things to happen but they begin a bit timidly, kind of feeling their way.  They pass NAA University, they attend all the rotation meetings, the boot camps and even the regional and national events and still their business is just treading water.

What they finally learn is that real success is a decision.  Wanting it isn’t enough.  The decision has to be made.  You may have heard the saying, “In the moment of decision your destiny is shaped.”

The top income earners here at National Agents Alliance confirm that this is true.  They went through the same learning process, knowing that success was out there where they thought it was, but they just couldn’t quite grab on to it.  Then, one day it was like a light bulb was blinking and pointing the way. They “got it.”  They had the vision of huge success, but on this day they made a decision that the lifestyle of their dreams was absolutely, without doubt, going to be theirs.  They made a decision to take the action steps that would lead to that success.  All this time they knew what to do, watched the most successful agents do it, but hesitated themselves.  Once the decision was made to take action, their work days became more organized and productive, and suddenly had clear direction and results became astounding.

New agents can speed up this process when they make the decision to apply the teachings of CEO, Andy Albright that are laid out in his 8 Steps to Success.  The new agent learns that the principles in this book are not theory, they are all about action.  Each of the eight steps requires action and action leads you step-by-step closer to your dreams.  So don’t wait around for something to happen; make a decision today.

Take the “IM” Off Impossible

Take the IM off ImpossibleI am sure you are familiar with the expression “Think Outside the Box.”  It has become pretty much over-used like many sayings, but there is still some validity to the concept.

Leaders at National Agents Alliance have learned, over time, to give up “habitual thinking” and open their minds to new possibilities.  When you are stuck in “stale” thought patterns and rituals you limit your future success.

Sometimes we do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done,” or “that’s the way my family has done it for four generations.”  Think about this:  Do you really want to do something because everyone else is doing it that way?  Maybe you should look at their bank account before you decide.

This is the 21st century, right?  You wouldn’t use a rotary dial phone, would you? Then why would you do things the same way broke people do?  We need to change our thinking to match the way our world is changing, like it is in the area of technology.

Through NAA University, top producers at National Agents Alliance have access to the newest and most dynamic sales techniques, lead generation and product training available on the planet.  It’s why we are growing so rapidly, and why so many agents are building large, profitable businesses.

Prosperity today requires innovation, which demands critical thinking and creativity.  So, we challenge agents to embrace the “new,” embrace “change.”  Don’t be afraid to try the difficult.  Keep your thinking fresh.  Don’t get in the rut of routine.  Drive home a different way; eat at a new restaurant; question what you do on a regular basis.  Be open to learning every day; never, ever stop learning.

Let nothing limit your dreams.  Create a huge vision of your future success and always think “possible” not “impossible.”

The Importance of a Winning Attitude

Winston Churchill on AttitudeIt is clear that attitude is one of the most powerful resources available to anyone, and a person’s attitude affects every part of his or her life, in either a positive or negative way.

It’s no surprise that top producers at National Agents Alliance typically have a positive attitude.  Early in their professional career they learned what W. Clement Stone said back in the 1920’s:  “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”  They also picked up that attitude is contagious – good or bad, and that’s true not only with their prospects but with everyone they encounter.

Your attitude affects your team, your employees, your family and friends.  Earl Nightengale put it this way:  “Our attitude towards others determines their attitude toward us.”  To run a large organization and large business, the leader sets the example by the attitude displayed.  It affects relationships, physical and mental energy, stamina, self-image, work habits, and the ability to think big and see the ultimate possibilities.  How can someone with a poor attitude reach heights they can’t even imagine?

CEO Andy Albright always teaches the importance of a Positive Mental Attitude.  It’s one of the eight tenets from his book 8 Steps to Success.  Having a positive attitude is a personal decision that great leaders make easily because they know the effect the opposite has on their business.

To join the elite at National Agents Alliance and separate yourself from the crowd, make it a habit to only show a positive attitude.  Never let the inevitable problems we all face change how others see you.  As a leader you are the example, so let your passion show and make sure your superior attitude is what gets noticed.

Avoid the Struggles

Avoid the StrugglesWhy do some agents struggle while others at National Agents Alliance are living their dreams?

You may be surprised to learn that the NAA “Super Stars” are no different from you. They have the same state license.  They took the same course to get that license.  They attend the exact same bootcamps, rotation meetings, and the same national events.  They passed the same training course through NAA University. They have the exact same products from the exact same insurance carriers.

Every man and woman comes to National Agents Alliance with the same hopes and dreams.  Every one of them comes in knowing the amazing potential of the opportunity this industry and this great company offer.  And, every single agent begins with the intention of making a big splash; a splash that puts them on stage receiving the accolades of 4,000 peers, being handed big bonus checks, accepting from the carriers well-earned incentive trips to exotic places around the world, but in reality, not everyone succeeds to the level of their initial expectations.

So, the question was “why to some agents struggle while…”  The answer is actually pretty simple.  With the same training, the same products, the same everything…some just are not doing it right or they are not doing it enough.

Both reasons are easily fixed.  Working with a mentor at National Agents Alliance can correct “not doing it right.”  Having one of the leaders critique your work can help you improve your prospecting and sales skills.  Following the advice of CEO Andy Albright, “trust only action,” can solve the second problem.  Talk is cheap.  Action pays the bills.  Make more calls, set more appointments, and do more presentations.

Do it right, and do it enough and, before you know it, you’ll be with the team on the beach in some beautiful spot in the world!

Follow Up to Build Up

Follow UpAt National Agents Alliance, everyone soon learns that leveraging yourself is a key to building a large, enduring business.  The insurance carriers pay us large commissions to protect families with a variety of products, but it doesn’t take long to figure out that there are only so many hours in the work day, and one person can only do so much.  It becomes obvious that building a team is the key to the lifestyle we all want.

One of the 8 Steps to Success in CEO Andy Albright’s important book is to “Be Teachable.”  One of the most critical skills agents must learn is effective follow-up.

Mastering this skill is the difference between just being in the game and making an impressive income.  We all know that to build a team we have to make a list, contact and invite prospects, and show the opportunity.  But to really speed up the business-building process the agent must learn to effectively follow-up, start new agents properly, and develop leaders.

But, without an effective follow-up you don’t get a chance to start and develop leaders.  The manner in which you perform your follow-up will actually become the model for the new agent, and is extremely important in how well you duplicate your efforts.  Whether you do it well or terribly, you have just taught the new agent how to do it.  If you do it well, chances are that they will too.

To build a large, effective and profitable business with National Agents Alliance it is essential to learn proper follow-up.  Learn this skill from the top producers and you will join them on the leader boards.

Keep the Family Happy

When you work from home it’s easy to get pulled in different directions by family and friends.  Those folks often think that since you are at home you are not working.  They don’t even consider their intrusion to be an interruption in your important work schedule. The top producers at National Agents Alliance have learned to balance work and play to keep production levels high and family members happy.

One of the most effective tools the agents use is an Annual Activity Calendar.  At the beginning of the year the agent fills in every day off for the whole year.  All the days they will NOT work are marked off…weekends, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, conventions, training sessions, family reunions, recreation – any day they plan to be away from the office.

Once you have established your “off” days you will be able to plan your work day schedule.  Agents are very good at carefully planning their work schedule…phone calls, appointments, paperwork and preparation.  Eliminating time wasters like emails, surfing the web and shuffling papers around the office, National Agents Alliance leaders make every day count, and then they have no problem enjoying all the days of free time they scheduled at the start of the year.  The only addition step in this process is to teach the family to work around the production days as scheduled on the Annual Activity Calendar.

When agents follow CEO Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success and get family members to honor the work/play calendar, everyone is happy!

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