4 Tips to Mastering a Sale

Sales MasterThere are millions of people in sales. That is why it is important for National Agents Alliance’s (NAA) insurance agents to master the technique and art of sales and stand out from the competition. Understanding and implementing this “art” may mean the difference between a successful career with National Agents Alliance, or the sound of the door shutting in your face.

A high performing National Agents Alliance salesperson doesn’t evolve overnight; it takes time and dedication to the craft of salesmanship to get it right. But, these four quick tips can help catapult your skills and improve your ability to sell when meeting with a customer:

  1. Sell the product to yourself: If you can’t get yourself to buy what you’re pitching to customers what makes you think they will want to buy it? This is also Andy Albright’s first step, “Personal Use,” in his book 8 Steps to Success. As Andy noted, “Trying to sell something you don’t believe in is equivalent to stealing.”
  2. Be confident: Customers are tuned into you, they can sense when you’re not confident. This is imperative in closing the deal and making the customer feel comfortable with their decision to meet with you.
  3. Make your sales pitch short, sweet and to the point: Nobody wants to listen to a salesman talk on and on about their product any more than necessary. Taking too long to explain your product, its benefits and why they need to buy this product can cause the customer to tune out and begin daydreaming, all while nodding their head like they are listening. This can result in lost sales, and even worse: lost referrals.
  4. Thank you:  Just like a first impression—a last impression is also a lasting impression. After your meeting, whether it is over the phone or through an email, take the time to say “thank you” for taking the time to speak with you—regardless if you made a sale or not.

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