Tips for ‘Scoring’ in the Sales Arena

Sales TipsFor some an insurance sales career is a highly lucrative and an exciting industry, but for others—who may lack the skill sets to be a successful insurance agent—it can be intimidating, and a confidence-crusher.

National Agents Alliance (NAA) strives to make their sales team among the best in the nation. While everyday may not be a “touchdown” for our insurance agents, we provide the skills that can help get you on the “winning team.” Here are four tips that can help you and your NAA insurance sales team “run for the end zone.”

  • Nurture your sales leads: Sometimes more isn’t necessarily better. If you’re constantly chasing new leads and new prospective clients, you may not be giving enough attention to the sales leads you already have—potentially missing out on a lucrative sale opportunity. Just because a lead decided against purchasing a mortgage insurance policy with you, doesn’t mean that they won’t a few months later—anything could have happened during that time. Closing the door too soon can result in missed opportunities and sales.
  • Establish a clear assessment of your sales pipeline: Having a good view of your pipeline of sales products, as well as establishing clear benchmarks that measure and understand your conversion rates can help avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

A recent study from the Aberdeen Group found that nurtured sales leads yield a 47 percent higher average order, increased opportunity to sales conversion ratios, and higher bid-to-win ratios. A better understanding of your sales pipeline can help you identify and focus on the most profitable sales, and find out how to achieve more of them, Business Insiderreported.

  • Rejection: You will be told “no,” “I’m not interested,” or “no thank you,” more than you will like. The key is getting back on the horse and trying again. Times change, people change and circumstances change. Revisiting the leads that initially told you “no,” or “I’m not interested” may be seeking your services now.
  • Get on the phone: Remember: You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take. Failing to pick up the phone to make a call to your sales leads are shots you didn’t make. Don’t let the uneasiness of calling someone cost you money! Take the shot!


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