NAA Wants To Know What Kind Of Seller Are You?

Sales Training?National Agents Alliance (NAA) asks what kind of mortgage protection and life insurance agent are you?

Every insurance agent is different and everyone has a different style and flair to their selling approach, but some tactics may work better than others. has listed some of the common approaches to selling, and which ones to steer away from.

  1. The Hard Seller: This is the stereotypical salesperson, who uses a more direct and forceful approach to sales. This approach is a little harder to swallow for customers in the 21st Century, because no one wants to be “sold to.” Basically it doesn’t work as well in today’s world, so stay away from this approach.
  2. The Problem Solver: If you’re a problem solver you’re more likely to endure the harsh world of sales.  Finding out what problems the client is seeking to resolve, listening to those issues, and offering a solution with your product will offer a higher conversion rate.
  3. The Emotionally Intelligent Seller: There are several types of buyers like the assertive, analytical, negative, timid and the “how much” customers. These types of salespeople are able to tune into their buyers’ personality and motivations, and know that how they respond is key in determining a successful sales approach.
  4. The Street Smart Seller: A street smart seller is a hustler, who is always looking for new ways to gain an edge. Being on top of the curve and continuously re-inventing your edge and taking advantage of every opportunity is the trick to staying on top.
  5. The Teacher:  Every sales person should hold the “teacher” card. This is the person who educates customers with critical, game-changing information and insights that help them gain a competitive edge with their product.  This person is also continuously advancing their knowledge and skills, and chooses to take an insightful approach to selling their products.
  6. The Self-Aware Seller: These types of salespeople can quickly adapt their approach to make a connection with the wide array of personality types they encounter. They are also talented listeners, who can effectively communicate with their customers; are both confident and commanding without being pushy, and are not crippled by the fear of rejection.
  7. The Persistent Seller: This is probably the most effective salesperson! They don’t understand the word “NO!” They are disciplined, persistent, resilient and are not deterred from achieving their goals. They consider mistakes and adjustments a part of the learning curve.

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