Ensuring Repeat Sales

Achieving Repeat SalesAt National Agents Alliance (NAA) we encourage our insurance agents to promote repeat business by offering a positive experience with their clients the first time.

One sure-fire way to ensure that NAA insurance agents will have repeat customers, and referrals from their customer’s friends and family is to offer an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.

This “experience” is everything for customer; it’s how they decide whether or not they will make a purchase from you. The experience you offer your customer can range from the quality of your product, to the level of customer service they receive. Since National Agents Alliance only offers the best products on the market, it’s important that our agents provide an equal or better experience for our customers.

Connecting, understanding the customers problems and then solving them with your product is key to success and repeat customers.

In Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, step three is all about listening. Knowing and mastering the listening technique taught in Albright’s book is key into creating repeat customers and fostering an ideal experience.

In order to accurately assess who your repeat customers are, it’s advised for NAA insurance agents to keep a log of customers to see who is returning for repeat business and who isn’t.  For those customers who have not returned to conduct more business, or have not opted to make a purchase at the time, it is always good to make a phone call to see if your services could be of use.

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