Sell Yourself with a Little Charisma

Charisma takes you places!One common trait that all the world’s greatest leaders had in common is charisma, and it’s no different for the top performers here at National Agents Alliance. It is often the overlooked element of what makes up a great salesman. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, charisma is defined as the “personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure; a special magnetic charm or appeal.”

It’s a nonverbal communication that entices people to trust you and like you, which increases your likelihood of closing a deal. Not everyone was born with this attribute, but it’s not impossible to acquire the qualities of charisma with a little help.  To be a rock star agent, it’s a must!

CBS News reports the top ways that you can boost your charisma:

  1. Stand up straight: Slouching and bad posture are indicators that your head is not in the game, which sends the wrong signal to your customer. “Taller is seen as smarter, more confident and more credible around the world. Because of the way we are wired neurologically, standing up straight also makes you feel more self-assured, calm and in control — great ways to go into a sales call,” says Cynthia Burnham, author of “The Charisma Edge: A How-to Guide for Turning On Your Leadership Power.”
  2. Develop a strong handshake:  Your handshake is more important than you think! This is how you physically connect in the business industry. A strong handshake with sustained eye contact tells someone that you’re professional, serious and confident; while a weak handshake with little to no eye contact sends the message that you’re not confident and unsure of yourself.
  3. Lower the pitch of your voice—not the volume:  Having low, relaxed voices creates the perception that you’re more credible and compelling.
  4. Avoid “chopping” gestures: While talking with your hands try to avoid karate chop gestures. This can psychologically “cut up” the space between you and your client, CBS News reports.
  5. Pause before answering: Just breathe! Give yourself time to think about what you’re going to say, before you say it. It helps you appear more thoughtful and intuitive.
  6. Keep the nodding to a minimum: Avoid looking like a bobble-head figurine and keep your nodding to a minimum. Smile and nod once or twice in agreement.
  7. Enunciate and finish your words: Speak distinctly and finish your words. Don’t get in too much of a rush speaking that your words start to string together.
  8. Flash your eyebrows: Raising your eyebrows once and smiling, before relaxing them sends the message tells others that you’re happy to see them.
  9. Laugh: Don’t be too serious when meeting with clients. Laughing helps others relax and connect with you.

Practice doing these things whenever you can and before you know it, they will become second nature!  National Agents Alliance has faith that you can do it, keep developing yourself and you’ll be reaching new heights in no time!

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