Build Relationships, Create Success

Little Happy PeopleRelationships: They’re the number one things that take a back seat when work takes over. But this sacrifice could be your biggest mistake when trying to reach success.

We often begin to neglect relationships when life gets busy, as we begin to shift our focus to the tasks at hand. With social media, texting, virtual meetings and telecommuting, the landscape of how we interact and build relationships with others has drastically changed in order to meet our busy lifestyles.  However, our human nature still craves face-to-face interaction and that personal connection with others.

Creating real relationships—not just professional ones— with your uplines, peers, employees, customers and all others that you interact with professionally, is key in making strides in your career. It is, of course, also important to maintain personal relationships with family and friends.

Your biggest asset is your network, which consists of these groups of people. Your network is where opportunities originate, and when you create a real relationship with people, they have a level of trust that separates you apart from others they know.

Everyone here at National Agents Alliance has gone through rough spells – just remember that when times are tough, it’s your relationships that will keep you going.   Tapping into this pool can generate new leads and sales if your other opportunity sources have dried up. Your network will always serve as a trustworthy resource that can help keep you afloat when other avenues have hit dead ends.  If you are too busy to maintain them, those individuals will forget about you when new leads come along, or when they are looking for your services.

If you want to become and remain successful don’t forget about your relationships! Go out of your way to make it into the office, meet with co-workers for lunch, attend meetings, even come on out to National Agents Alliance headquarters for one of Andy’s live shows! Don’t forget to go see your friends on the weekend too, because hanging out solely in the virtual world will not serve your well being in the long run.

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