NAA Success Tips: Unleash your inner Steve Jobs

NAA Success TipsSteve Jobs , the founder and  former CEO of Apple, was one the best innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs of our time; and it’s his set of principles that led to his success and have since become his legacy.

Because of Jobs’ innovations that helped shaped the world we live in today and his superb leadership capabilities, he was able to build a team that drove him to heights of his success.

Everyone can adopt Steve Jobs’ principles, in order to help set you on the course to achieve your own success.

Entrepreneur Magazine reveals the following values and principles of Steve Jobs that you can incorporate into your life:


  1. Do what you love:  When you love what you do, you have passion for it—doesn’t matter if you’re in insurance sales or technology innovation, it all applies the same. “People with passion can change the world for the better.”  When asked about the advice he would offer would-be entrepreneurs, he said, “I’d get a job as a busboy or something until I figured out what I was really passionate about.”
  2. Don’t lose sight: Always keep the “end in mind,” as Andy Albright would say. Steve Jobs believed in the power of vision, and not losing sight of that vision. With that vision he knew he could change the world.
  3. Make connections: Associate and be teachable! Association with others is key in connecting the missing links by talking to others who may have seen something, or have a piece of knowledge that you missed.  Steve Jobs once said creativity is connecting things. Connect ideas from different fields—don’t be afraid to break out of your boundaries.
  4. Create experiences: One of National Agents Alliance’s 8 Core Values is service, and Steve Jobs also believed in the customer service experience.Everything about the experience you have when you walk into an Apple store is intended to enrich your life and to create an emotional connection between you and the Apple brand. What are you doing to enrich the lives of your customers?
  5. Master the message: Jobs is known as the “world’s greatest corporate storyteller” because he didn’t just deliver his message—he captured his customers’ imagination. Instead of simply delivering a presentation like most people do, he informed, he educated, he inspired and he entertained, all in one presentation.
  6. Sell dreams, not products: Jobs captured our imagination because he really understood his customer. Jobs taught us that if you help your customers reach their dreams, you’ll win them over. At National Agents Alliance, we can help our customers reach finical security with our life insurance products—freeing them of worry and guilt in the event of an unfortunate or untimely death.

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