Leadership, Part 3

The conclusion to our study of the late John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success brings us to the final three blocks indicating traits all leaders need.

The two blocks supporting the apex of the pyramid are Poise and Confidence, both traits that top producers at National Agents Alliance display with ease because of their financial success.

Our top agents not only produce personally, but those with big organizations have the responsibility to teach new and growing agents.  While the NAA business is a proven, lucrative business model, it is certainly not without challenges and the usual ups and downs.  This is where poise is a required trait, and with younger agents watching every move they make, leaders cannot allow events to rattle them.  It’s always easy to look good when things are going great, but the true leader performs in a steady manner even while others around them don’t know how to handle the situation.

Confidence goes hand-in-hand with poise and is no less important.  New agents look to the leader to see how they act, and NAA’s top agents have been tested by fire, strengthened like steel.  We know that success breeds success, and every time top producers overcome hurdles and objections, more confidence is built.

At the apex of Coach Wooden’s success principles we find Competitive Greatness.  What is obvious in the best-of-best is their ability to rise to the occasion at the most crucial time.  They perform at their best just when their best is needed.

Leaders know that doing the little things will make the big things happen, and that means doing the right things every day, not once-in-a-while.  No shortcuts allowed.  What the leader does, the follower will do, too, so leaders know they’re expected to “make every day their masterpiece.”  They preach consistency and teach “the way you do one thing is the way you will do everything.”

National Agents Alliance leaders post the Pyramid of Success where is serves as a daily reminder of what they expect of themselves (you can get a copy at www.CoachJohnWooden.com) and they abide by one of Coach Wooden’s favorite sayings:  “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Wooden's Leadership Pyramid

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