FocusAre you able to keep thoughts and actions directed on your goals?  Your focus keeps your attention from wandering off to unimportant things that only hinder your progress toward your ultimate destination.

There is no question that it’s more difficult today than at any time in our life to focus because of emails, cell phones, instant messages and 24-hour news.  Since these distractions hit us on a daily basis, it’s pretty easy to be pulled off course.  We all have the same 24 hours every day; the difference between the winners and losers is in how we look at and use those 24 hours.

At National Agents Alliance, the winners have found the way around all the new, mostly electronic, distractions by, instead of plugging in a headset, plugging into the proven success system developed by founder and CEO Andy Albright.

When you plug into the Rotation meetings in your area you receive powerful, weekly training from Agency Managers from all over the country who pour out the secrets to success in your NAA business.  You provide the “WHY” and the trainers will provide the “HOW.”  You’ll learn the step-by-step process to building a huge business.  You learn sales techniques, product knowledge and recruiting skills.  The leaders will give you the benefits of their experience so you can progress without having to commit the same errors that they did in their learning process.

Through all the hours upon hours of training the key point the leaders want to impart is how to effectively use those 24 hours we all have, and it always comes back to your “WHY.”  This puts the emphasis on your goal-setting.  Have you done a good enough job determining the real reason for your life?  Are your goals attainable?  Are they big enough? Or have you put an impossible task on your shoulders?

Having well-planned, definitive goals is the key to focus.  Losing one’s focus is never a conscious act, it just happens because of life around us.  The question is how to avoid the traps that surround us.

When your business is new it is easy to be excited but that often wanes over time.  The top producers at National Agents Alliance prove time and again that the simple secret to maintaining focus is to keep your goals front-and-center at all times and prioritize your actions.  Read your goals every day, visualize the end result every day.  When you do this there is less chance you’ll get distracted, you’ll get things done faster and you’ll actually find some free time in those 24 hours to do all the other things trying to drag you away from your business.

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