5 Essentials for Success

Essentials for SuccessHow do you define success? Most people are too busy making a living to ever give it more than a passing thought. Because we have such a diverse group of people at National Agents Alliance we have many definitions of success, and it’s clear that what defines success is different for every individual.

NAA’s CEO, Andy Albright has trained so many winners it is obvious that success is attainable by anyone with a strong desire and we have learned that success is WITHIN you.  Too many people are worried about whether others find them successful when the real question is “Do you think so?” For success to be meaningful it must be a personal thing, and it is not just tied to material possessions.

The first essential for success is purpose. You have to know that what you are doing is moving forward toward a goal and that there is satisfaction in the journey. Without a very strong “WHY” it’s difficult to stay on task and enjoy your work.

Secondly, success is very much like a batting average in baseball. There are peaks and valleys that everyone endures. Some days everything works perfectly; other days nothing seems to work. Every effort cannot be a home run. Baseball players getting 3 hits out of every 10 at-bats end up in the Hall of Fame. Don’t think you have to be perfect to be a success.

The third essential for success is the price that has to be paid. There is no free lunch…you have to pay a price for success. That price may be years of study, decades of hard work, or both, but there will be a price. Some of the joy of success comes from knowing you worked hard and earned it.

A fourth essential is satisfaction. For one person that satisfaction may come from scoring a six-figure deal for the company, and for another it might come from writing a poem. The satisfaction of success need not be recognizable by anyone else as long as you know it.

Finally, an important element of success is spirituality. It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling successful without also feeling somehow connected to the greater purposes of life and to a higher power. Whether one is a successful street sweeper or a successful Fortune 500 CEO doesn’t matter. It’s personal.

People from all different backgrounds achieve success with National Agents Alliance, and each agent defines success a little differently. By following our motto…Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference…each agent defines their own level of satisfaction. Some earn more money than others, but everyone gets to make a difference.

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