Father’s Day is Almost Here! Are You Truly Thinking About Your Dad?

Happy Father's DayAs Father’s Day approaches and we begin to celebrate our fathers and all of the sacrifices they have made, we also need to think about how you can protect him.

Typically, the dads are the ones purchasing the car, house, health and other insurance for his family. In doing so, they often forget to obtain insurance for themselves.  As the bread winner and the provider of the household, it would be financially disastrous if they were to be hurt on the job.

A misconception that many people have is that if you’re hurt, or sick on the job that their employer will cover them. This isn’t always the case. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), fathers will only be protected for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period; and at age 30, the odds of having a disability before age 65 that lasting three months or longer is around a whopping 40 percent, Insurancenewsnet.com reports.

If your disability leaves you out of work for more than three months, your only options are using your sick or vacation pay, unless your employer offers their employees a short-term disability plan. If you’ve used all your time off or need additional time to recover, you will likely go without a paycheck until you are well enough to go back to work.

This is a very real scenario that could happen to your family. Just think of the repercussions of your family’s sole breadwinner became disabled.

It’s a good idea to consider more than just a new tie or a gadget for Father’s Day this year, instead think about how you can protect your dad or husband and your family. A short-term disability protection policy is a great option to consider, because it pays a percentage of the wages while a person is unable to work.

“Paying a little extra for an individual disability policy gives a father the ability to take advantage of the coverage, when it’s needed most. Disability insurance coverage provides peace of mind, in the event an illness strikes or some accident occurs and the father is unable to do what he does best,” says insurance lawyer Frank Darras said to Insurancenewsnet.com.

At National Agents Alliance we offer various products that can help protect your family in several ways. Whether you need disability protection insurance, life insurance, spouse life insurance, final expense insurance or mortgage disability insurance, NAA has a solution for you. Just visit www.naalife.com or contact an NAA agent to get your free quote.

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