National Agents Alliance Training Materials for Agents

hero-within_03Whether you’re a new agent, or an agent who’s been with us for years, there are probably some training materials that you haven’t taken advantage of yet. Here at National Agents Alliance headquarters, we try to provide all of the information and courses you need to be the best insurance salesperson that you can be.

Check out the following materials to get training or to refresh your memory!

NAA UniversityNAA University – Visit this website to take the training courses offered to help you understand all about how National Agents Alliance works and how you can become a better salesperson. Some of the courses are free, while others you have to pay to enroll. If the cost worries you, remember that 96% of agents who have taken the NAAU 100 course say the course was either “great” or “outstanding”! Use your NAA number and password to login and get started!

HotspotsHotspot meetings take place every week all over the US from Monday to Thursday. Go to the website to find the meeting closest to you and go! There are important host speakers every week! We also send out emails every Friday evening to let you know who is speaking at all of the meetings for the next week.

Lead Performance TeamLPT Lead Classes, Webinars and Calls – The Lead Performance Team offers biweekly webinars, two lead classes at every event to help you achieve Lead Certification, and a monthly call. To find out more about these training materials, send us an email at

Product Training Calls – We have product training calls every Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. These calls are usually hosted by one of our insurance carriers to help agents get a better understanding of their products and how to sell them. Check your emails every week for the dial-in number and access code.

NAActivity Calls – We have these calls every Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. These calls are usually hosted by our top agents or other special guests. Check your emails every week to find out who is hosting and to get the dial-in number and access code.

Webinars – Gina Hawks offers two webinars EVERY week! The webinars fill up fast, so you have to sign up ASAP! We send emails every week with information about the topics and how you can register.

The WedThe TWCnesday Call (TWC) – As the name suggests, this call takes place every Wednesday at 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on NAAtv. Andy is the host and he usually has several special guests featured on each show. This is valuable time that you could spend learning directly from Andy every week! – Login with your NAA number and password and browse the site for information on products, carriers, services, contests, and other resources.

Blogs – On our three blogs, National Agents Alliance Reviews, Sales (this blog), and Future, we post information about insurance, how to make a sale, how to be a leader, and other things that can help you improve.

The Albright The Albright ChallengeChallenge – This is a program that can help you “become, grow, and lead.” We spoke to Melody and Nathan Thomas last week about their experience and Nathan said, “I would recommend it to everybody, whether you’ve been around for years or you’re brand new, Andy’s giving you 90 different lessons; I’m sure there’s something out of those 90 areas that you need to work on or that you can do better.” Click on the link and sign up today! and YouTube – These two sites feature all kinds videos that National Agents Alliance and AMP studios have produced. Browse through the videos – you’ll probably find that many of them will help you become a better agent!

Andy’s Books – Andy wrote The 8 Steps to Success and Millionaire Money Maker to help his agents become successful, so read them! He also has a whole store of books at to help you get inspired to help others. Andy has already selected the books for you, all you have to do is read!

President’s Clubto gain access to these benefits and mentoring from the top agents, click the link to join the President’s CluNAA President's Clubb.

  • Over the Shoulder Calls – These calls occur once a month and are for black card and complete members only. Andy hosts all of these calls. We send out emails every month to let you know when they will occur and who will be in the “hot seat.”
  • National President’s Club Call – This is a call for President’s Club members only that takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. eastern daylight time.
  • Night Owls – This is a meeting that takes place after each of NAA’s events where you can relax and learn from Andy and the top 10 income earners.

The People of NAA – The most valuable tools to success are, of course, the people who have already achieved it! If you need any help or advice, contact the National Agents Alliance agents who are succeeding and try to spend more time with them!

At National Agents Alliance we aim to give you all of the tools and information you need to be the best agent that you can be. With all of these resources, there is no excuse for not getting informed! If you feel that there is something more that we could do to help our agents, let us know!

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