Keys to Recruiting and Keeping Your Recruits with National Agents Alliance

Persevering Through a Sales PlummetWhen you’re trying to recruit people to work for your National Agents Alliance agency, the most obvious benefit to tell them about is the awesome salary they could make with NAA. But for some people, it takes more than just money to keep them interested. How do they know that they’ll be happy working with you? The following tips will help you keep your current recruits happy and while building a positive reputation to draw in new people.

  • The first step is great communication. Keep in touch with your agents and ask them on a weekly basis how they’re doing and what they need help with. Respond as soon as possible to all of their emails, texts, or voicemails. You can’t work as a team if none of the members are communicating. If you’re talking to possible recruits, get to know them and keep the conversation going so that they know you care and that you’ll be a great leader for them. Address all questions and concerns they express and you’ll earn their respect. If they need more training, send them to this blog:
  •  Stay focused and consistent. If you have more than a few specific goals for your team, they’ll have a hard time figuring out exactly what you want from them. Whether you have weekly or monthly goals, your team needs to know what to expect. Once you make a commitment you have to follow through and make it happen. If you’re constantly breaking commitments, your team will lose respect for you and they’ll believe that they’re not expected to follow through either. If you’re going to lead a team, you’ve got to set an example for them to follow.
  •  Show them how passionate you are. Passion can be contagious. When you’re really excited about your work, others will get excited too. Bring possible recruits to Hotspot meetings and show them all of the people who are pumped up about the Alliance. Show them the testimonials on NAA’s website. Even if you have a tough week, you have to try to keep your team fired up and focused in order for them to succeed.  Many people leave their jobs because they weren’t excited about what they were doing, and neither was their boss. You have the opportunity to give them something to be excited about!The Albright Challenge
  •  Find ways to improve. No one is perfect. The best way to get people to respect you is to respect yourself first. If you’re not looking for ways to improve, then you’re not helping your team at all. If you haven’t already, try Andy’s Albright Challenge. He gives you 90 short lessons on how you can make small adjustments in your life to achieve big things.

If you want people to follow in your footsteps, you’ve got to show them that it’s worthwhile and that you’ll be the leader they need to get started. If you’re trying to be the best that you can be, your team will be inspired to do better as well. So get out there and start recruiting!

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