Be More Efficient with National Agents Alliance

Hopefully you’ve attended a War Party this week, or you’re planning to attend one. But once you get back home, how are you going to “get your ship together”? The following tips may help you become more efficient and get your on your way to winning your spot on the 2014 cruise with Andy Albright!

Upgrade Your HardwareLaptop
If you rely on a computer, phone, or tablet to answer emails, complete e-apps, or show your ATM presentation, you need to make sure that your hardware is as efficient as it can be. If you’re working with older devices, it may be time to upgrade. If you’re using these devices in front of customers, you want to make sure that they’re not running slow; this wastes your time, your client’s time, and it’s embarrassing if your device takes forever to load.

Utilize Every Moment
Use every moment you can to improve yourself. Read while you’re working out or in the bathroom. Listen to audio books while you’re in the car. If you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, think about how you’re achieving your goals, or come up with new goals and write it down or save it in your phone. Think about other ways that you can make the most of the time you have. Remember, time is something you can’t get back, so use it wisely!

Get Organized
Many people waste a lot of time just looking for things. If you organize your home and workspace and get into the habit of putting things in a specific place, you’ll spend less time searching for things you need and more time working. The initial cleaning and organizing may take some time, but once you get in the habit, you will save time and become organized without even thinking about it. Another key to organizing may include organizing your thoughts. If you frequently forget ideas you had or things you need to do, get in the habit of making lists. This can help you get your thoughts out in physical form, so you can make sure that you get things done and don’t forget any of great ideas. There are many apps available for tablets and smartphones to help you with this if you prefer not to use paper.

These tips are little adjustments that can make a HUGE difference in your life. If you will be traveling for War Parties, Fall Forward or other trips in the near future, take a look at our blog on how to “Make the Most of Travel Time with National Agents Alliance.”

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