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Email Silence? Why Prospects Aren’t Answering Your Emails

No email responses?Email has proven to be a popular communication channel for many people, primarily the working class. We use the tool extensively here at National Agents Alliance, and the ease of email is especially great for sales people, who are prospecting and trying to find new clients.

But with the great usability of email, there are also some downfalls. Email is typically not responded to immediately, sometimes not even in a timely manner. Emails are usually read and replied to when someone is sitting in front of a computer (if they don’t have a smartphone), or finds the time in their busy schedule to sort through their inbox.

According to eyesonsales.com, if you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to emails, you will see your inbox fill up with replies and new leads:

  1. They never got your email in the first place: Technology glitches do happen and people sometimes genuinely did not receive your email. With the sheer number of unwanted email messages most of us receive; it’s no surprise that spam filters are becoming more and more aggressive. Messages with attachments (especially large ones), lots of links, extensive marketing graphics, and other gimmicks aren’t likely to make it to the recipient’s inbox in the first place. Keep your prospecting emails simple and image free, even in your email signature. They’ll have a lot easier time making it past SPAM traps and junk filters, eyesonsales.com advises.
  2. You didn’t give prospects a strong enough reason to take action: Hard as it is to believe, few people care that your company has a long track record of success. Prospects are too focused on their own problems and issues to bother with any of that. Keep this in mind and use your email message to emphasize common issues and triggering events you can solve that really matter to your customers and prospects. Make them want to engage with you! The point isn’t to tell them more about you. It’s to give them a strong enough reason to begin a sales conversation.
  3. It seemed like too much to deal with at the moment: In “The Glimpse Factor,” I pointed out that you have three seconds — or less — to convince a prospect that they want to read your email, and that it won’t take up more time than they’ve got at the moment. Your goal is to make your email not just sound compelling, but also look easy to act on. The easier it is, the more likely your prospect will read the first sentence, and then dive in to continue and respond to you.

In the end, just like you and the rest of the National Agents Alliance team, your contacts are busy. Tell them what you want them to do using a simple sentence and don’t ask them to do something that takes more than a few moments. Give them a clear specific call to action that you’d like them to take after they read your email.

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