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Overcoming Call Reluctance

Overcoming Call ReluctanceA big part of your success at National Agents Alliance is tied to setting appointments to protect families with life insurance and retirement products, and to recruit additional agents to build a strong, leveraged business.  Either type of appointment requires dialing prospects, usually to someone who has requested a call.  Even so, we all, at some point catch an affliction we name “call reluctance.”

As time goes on and you gain experience, this becomes less and less a problem, but until that day comes, we all go through the anxiety, or for some, the fear of picking up that phone.  After a number of consecutive rejections by prospects the phone can feel like it weighs a hundred pounds, but on the other hand, a couple successful calls in a row make you feel like you’re walking on air.

In Step 6 of CEO, Andy Albright’s 8 Steps To Success, agents are implored to “Be Teachable,” and every agent has a chance to learn from a mentor.  Observing an “expert” is a great start to learning, but part of being teachable is the willingness to practice, and dialing leads effectively takes a lot of practice.  Repetition is a great teacher.

Top income earners at National Agents Alliance have found a great way to overcome call reluctance AND teach new agents at the same time.  By gathering new agents in the same room, or by conference line, agents can make calls while the less-experienced people watch and listen.  What this does is force you to pick up the phone, to overcome the anxiety, and perform in front of others.  You are teaching and setting the example and have to make dial after dial no matter the results.  You force yourself to keep going where, if you were alone, you might stop if you were discouraged over any rejections.  Newer team members quickly learn the ups and downs, the do’s and don’ts, and find out that even with an unsuccessful call no one gets hurt, no one bleeds, and it’s ok to just keep dialing.  Pretty soon everyone’s skill level goes up, more appointments get set, confidence is gained, and that means more business gets written.  Try it…you will beat the fear!

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