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Why Riders?

One of the biggest advantages that agents at National Agents Alliance have is the awesome working relationships we have with so many great insurance carriers.  When you are working with the giants of the industry, the 100+ year-old, top-rated companies with billions in assets, you have the ability to shop the clients’ needs to find the perfect fit of coverage and cost.

When our CEO, Andy Albright, talks about our motto of “Have fun, make money, and make a difference,” he is teaching agents not only a philosophy but an important sales technique.  It’s not rocket science to understand that when we “make a difference” for a family the other two parts of our motto fall right into place.

So, what is that sales technique that makes the difference?  At National Agents Alliance, our agents are taught to under-promise and over-deliver or, to put it another way, to always give more than we promise.  Doing this separates us from the competition.

Oh noes, Piggy!The insurance companies with whom we work provide us simple tools for providing extra benefits that clients have not thought about or even knew existed.  These tools are riders, some of which are free.

It is not difficult to show a client the need for the basic coverage to protect his family in the event of an untimely death, but when we can add extra benefits at a low or no cost, we stand out in the eyes of the client.  When we can offer something extra that the client did not expect, it helps build a strong relationship that leads to repeat business and strong referrals.  The client now feels you care and will be open to discussing annuities and/or policies for other family members.

An agent needs to learn all of the riders and extra benefits offered by each company, and then use that knowledge to provide that service that makes a difference.  When we over-deliver on our promises, we build the reputation of National Agents Alliance, and we see a long-term increase in income.

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